Real life art

So I have already displayed chalk art on this page, though this is on a slightly larger scale. So like I mentioned before there are certain people who no longer getting the satisfaction they need from a simple paper and pencil drawing set out to the streets, armed with paints, chalk an d an uncanny ability to draw things in a 3rd dimensional view, and make these master pieces. Hope you appreciate their amazingness as much as I do and don’t forget to keep posted…




Fly on the wall

So one day whilst in town I found this cool piece of graffiti art, of an oversized eye. So when I got home I decided to try it out but adding my own little twist. I have to say that this is the most the most frustrating picture I had ever drawn as it had taken several hour to get the background done, as I had used several different colour on each brick to give it a more weathered look. Hope you enjoy this and keep posted…..

Harry Potter through the years

One of the few programs or movies that I have continually watch through the years, has to be Harry Potter. With its twisted plots, loveable characters and their state of the art graphics there is really nothing in it to complain about.

So what I am here to talk about is, the graphics and with the new movie coming out in 3D, as well as pictures that any photographer would envy, I honestly have nothing to complain about, would definitely recommend. Don’t Forget To Keep posted….



Hello class, so today I have to talk about futruma. So anyone with a sense of humour will know that futruma is finally out, and I have to say this season does not disappoint. Matt Greoning is a legend when it comes to creating cartoons for immature adults, and I have to say that I wish to do half as good as hes done when it comes down to animation.

So the new season of futruma brings with it more outrageous storylines, more distressingly disturbing humour, as well as twice the amount of drunken robots then ever before. So in dedication to the amazingness that is futruma, I have drawn this picture of Fry. Hope you enjoy, keep posted…

Shamrock Tattoo’s

Hello again. So recently a friend of mine asked me to design a tattoo for her, which I was more them glad to do. The theme she wanted me to follow is that it should be something Irish, as well as something she can have done on her wrist. So I figured, like the creative genius I am that, that I should draw shamrocks instead of the very common star tattoo, across her wrist.



Hopefully my friend will get the tattoo and I promise if she does I will post up a picture. If you have any tattoo ideas you want me to design, place it in the comment section. Keep posted…..