Happiness and Cyanide

Hey, how you doing? So it friday, and we all know friday as being the official the start to the weekend. And what do we need after a long weeks work (or school), I will tell yeah what, a little bit of humour, so I figured I would put this up as a little comic relief. So these comics are called Happiness and Cyanide and they are hilarious, and there are thousands of them and if your bored and in need of something to do, I would advise that you would look them up. BUT I should probably warn you that if you are easily offended you probably shouldn’t continue watching (and if you’re a kid, make sure your mom doesn’t catch you watching them)

So as always hope you enjoy and have a good weekend (and a terrible hangover) and Keep Posted…



So I when you think about 3D, 9 times out of 10, Avatar comes to mind. It MAY not be the first 3D movie but I have no doubt that is iconic in the fact that it was the first realistic 3rd Dimensional Movie, followed closely by UP, Tangled, and a whole range of movies. As well as this NOBODY could possible deny that its story line was amazing and I have no shame (alright maybe a little shame) in saying that I was on the edge of my seat in anticipation all throughout the movie (well not all throughout, it was 3 hours, but you get the idea)

Anyway I figured it was worthy of a post for film Thursday, if you haven’t seen it buy a 3D tv and watch it, and as always Hope you Enjoy and Keep Posted…

Toast Art

So I have to admit that I was one of those kids, who had played with my food, but these guys to it to a whole new level. So I was watching Britain’s got talent and one of the contested came out and drew Michael McIntyre’s (comedian) face out of toast and Marmite (love it or HATE it).So I started looking round and these are a few SLICES (yes I know what a terrible pun) I found.

As always hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…

Universal Studios “Harry Potter”

     Alright so there is many ways to experience art in a 3D sence these days, such as going to the local cinema and purchasing a 3D ticket, but in all my life I have yet to come across, something that even resembles both the reality and the creativity that is to be found at a theme park. So last year I went over to Orlando, and had a scout around all the big kids playground and I have to say I am impressed.

     So I decided to start of talking about Universal Studios, as it is not simply a theme park but an experience. So there is so much going on in Universal Studios, to truly explain in one post (not even a really long one), so for today I am going to talk of the Harry Potter section of the park (yep I know big surprise she is talking bout Harry Potter AGAIN).  

   So when they say it is like stepping foot in the book they are only scratching the surface, it would be more accurate to say that you where living the books. You enter Hogsmead and you are instantly greeted by the Hogwarts Express after which you could pop on down to Honeyducks sweet shop (yes, they do have chocolate frogs), and after perhaps, give Olivander a quick peak, or if you are daring enough you might risk a glance at the infamous Sirius Black who is evily howling in front of the Daily Profet. And to add the icing to the cake (as if they need to ), everything is overlooked as your eyes find their way to the full size HOGWARTS school that looms over Hogsmead daring you to enter.

 To say that it was an experience would be a understatment, the picture in the walls actually move, talk, the sorting hat may pay you a visit and if you are lucky enough you might come across Harry Potter himself.So hope you enjoy, (I would say I was sorry if you read this and aren’t interested in Harry Potter, but I know there is no such thing) and as always Keep Posted (by owl)…


Kyle Bean

     Hey so every now and then I come across an artist who was born to break the boundary’s of art as we know it. One of theis people is Kyle Bean (the other was the guy who did the graphics for Harry Potter), Alright so this guy is real amazing and creative (look out for his piece “who came first the chicken or the egg”) and I would definitely rate him as being worthy of a google search, a Bing search at the very least.

As always hope you enjoy, and you know Keep Posted…

Sand Sculpture 2.0

Alright so I promised I would do a few post on the amazing and creative art that is sand sculpting, and you know I don’t normally keep my promises, but sand sculptures are so amazing I figured that I should make an exception. So hope you like it, and Keep an eye out a few more sand sculpting pieces will be coming out after this if you like it. (seriously how long did the people who make these spend in the sand box as a kid?)

So hope you enjoy and don’t forget to Keep Posted…

Ice Hotel “Sweden”

Alright so there is nothing I like better than when someone comes out with this mad idea and follow through with it. Yes thats right Ice Hotel, is it practical NOPE, is it comfortable NOPE, is it warm, I AM GOING TO GUESS NOPE. But with all this said who would say to NO staying over night in one, personally I would live in one can’t be much colder than were I live. So you wouldn’t believe it but there are a few of this hotels, and I am going to start you of with the Sweden one.

As always hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…