This is stuff of ledgend

Hello guys, so bear with me this is going to be yet another post that is Harry Potter related, but I promise that it is highly entertain even if you dislike harry potter (well not really)… So to anyone that has read the books or seen the movie you would know that Harry walked through the wall at king cross station, 9 and 3/4, to get onto the Hogwarts express (I’ll add a picture I took in florida Harry Potter theme park of it for you). So what has happened is that they have installed half a trolley into the wall, as a sort of parody to the movie. Hope you find it as “TOTALLY AWESOME” as I do.

Just as well whilst I am on the subject I would recommend for any Harry Potter fan to look up a Very Potter Musical on YouTube, has to be the funniest thing I have ever seen. Hope you enjoy and Keep Posted (By Owl, hahaha sorry couldn’t resist)…




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