Perspective Photography

Hello Again. So this is going to be another piece about photography, as I find that it is a type of art that everyone is able to partake in. So I myself am a very armature photographer and have not really come to terms with the right kind of compostion, or lighting, or tone that would make a picture stand out, fortunately for you my friend Einne Boland (Shaggy, jk”Rowling”) does.

So like I mentioned, that although photography is something everyone can partake in, it takes skill to go outside, on a normal day, and take a phenomena picture. So hats of to Einne.

As well I will like to mention that I am planing on opening up a gallery of other peoples work on my blog, on photography, drawing, sculptures, and whatever else. If you want to display something just leave me your name (if you want credit for it) and send it to, Hope you like and Keep posted….


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