Reverse Graffiti

So we all know what graffiti is, and I am crazy enough to assume that you seen examples of it before. What many don’t know, is what Reverse Graffiti is.

So basically there are a group of people who take to the city armed, not with spray paint, but cleaning utility’s. And what they do is clean really dirty walls, to make a pattern, it’s a really nice idea, that didn’t go down well with a few people as it displayed how dirty their city walls were. The best thing is that there is nothing they can do about it as they are not technically vandalising.

As well I will like to mention that the viewers Gallery is now open, and if there is any drawing or Photo, that you wish to display simply send it to AND I have opened up a twitter page as a continuance to this blog, which you can follow if you look to your left.

Hope you enjoy and Keep Posted.


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