Where’s Wally

Where is Wally (not his American cousin Waldo, you know he is in Mc Donalds, relax, I am messing, I love Waldo as well) But Where is Wally (Waldo), it is a questioned that has been asked on a global scale. So here is some fan graffiti done out in dedication to the keen-eyed and well-traveled guest of many, Wally (Waldo).

Its kinda cool cause I know that it is stupid but in a way, due to the fact that these pictures come from all across the globe, it represents another way, that art connects us. So thats as philspopical I am getting today hope you enjoy and for the love of ROWLING find Wally (Waldo)…  (Heres a clue as to how to find him, he is wearing a striped shirt)





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