Sand Sculptures

Hello, so three years ago I was on a holiday to Spain and I came across these sand sculptures, and at the time I thought they were amazing. Seriously the details in them were amazing. So of course I tried one out, and all I got was this massive hole in the sand and nothing that I must admit is even remotely artistic, I tried again recently and my attempt was slightly better, BUT no camera. And then it rained, so thanks weather great help.

So I google image the hell out of it and found so many things, too much to put in the one post, so if you like it I will be doing a sequel of sorts with the sand sculptures. So hope you like and Keep Posted… (Look out for the Hogwarts Express if you missed it in september, I know Harry Potter is in every Post, get over it)



9 thoughts on “Sand Sculptures

  1. Bet it was fun coming across these! I’ve tried to make sand sculptures in the past… but my Hogwarts Castle… didn’t look quite as nice as that one in your pic! Got me inspired to think up of some new “snowmen” idea for this winter! Thanks for posting!

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