Trick or Pumpkin

So happy Halloween I guess, well I am not sure what you are meant to say, happy Halloween tends to make the horror that normally associated with Halloween sound dull. So now that thats outta the way, here is some more Halloween based pumpkin carvings.

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     Alright so its Halloween, so I figured I would take this opportunity to introduce you all to the art of pumpkin carving. So their’s this site called pumpkin Gutter (google it!), and they have by far the most amazing collection of pumpkin carvings I could come across, so I decided to do a post solely to do with these guys, so hats of to you their.

So I will be continuing this theme tomorrow, so if you wanna check that out, and hope you enjoy and Keep Posted..

Broken Art

So at some point or another you are going to end up in a cast, and some artist are so artistic (yep it crazy but their really are artistic artists out their) that they take this opportunity of a broken limp and turn it into something very Artistic and Creative. As well I though I might mention in this post that the viewers gallery is coming along nicely, and if there is anything you wish to add to it, just send it to

So hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…

Blacklight (UV) Tattoo’s

So sometime last week I had introduced you all wonder’s of modern tattoo art, backlight tattoo’s. So just incase you missed it, UV tattoo’s are basically tattoo’s that glow under UV light. No the will not glow under regular lighting, but all the same the effect is real cool. So here I give you more UV tattoo’s. And as always their is more on the Topic to come, if you wanna keep an eye open for that.

Hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…

Don’t Skate on the Couch

So normally I am not one to be fascinated with furniture, but with that said, there are always exceptions. So I was looking online at skateboard designs and out if nowhere this picture came up of a couch made of skateboard, and that was followed by a few more pictures. So short story even shorter, I thought I would post up a few.

Hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…

UV(blacklight) Tattoos

Alright so we all wanna get a tattoo at some point or another but are afraid of it coming out shit, or it sagging when you get older (another one of my delightful images, enjoy), so with all this said what sort of tattoos can you get to avoid embarrassment (or your parents getting made at you), a UV or backlight tattoo. So they have been out for  while, but I have only heard of them recently. No they do not glow in the dark, but they do glow under UV lights (hence the name)

So I’ll put up a few post displaying just some of the tattoos, that can be accomplished with the UV tattoo. So hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…