Party on the Roof

Alright so I have brought you Theme Parks, Hotels, well now I bring you a Theme Park Hotel, I know what you are think, “whats cooler then a hotel that has a theme park”, I answer you this, a hotel with theme park on its ROOF. So it’s in Vegas (don’t buy tickets from Ryan Air) and it called Stratosphere, and its truly amazing.

So these rides are not for the faint of hearts, one of my favorite is this one that slowly tips you over the edge, jerk right before you get to the end, and then leaves you hanging there. , scary you think? Well their was an old couple who went on it straight afer me, so I stayed thinking that the shit was about to hit the fan, they didn’t even break a sweat. So I am added a few pictures just to give you a taste for the sheer height of these bad boys.

So hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…


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