Venetian Hotel, Vegas Style

Alright so when we think of Vegas, we think of one of two things, either city of dreams, or a cheap corporate tacky copy of all things cheap and tacky. Well I look at it and see a city of endless creativity and imagination, exhibit A, The Venetian Hotel, basically this hotel consist of the most fanciest of rooms, an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, a casino (obviously Vegas) and my personal favorite thing about the hotel, flooded hallways, for a romantic boat ride around the Hotel.

So to keep  the place Venetian inside the hotel itself and partly outside they have created pools, and placed boats on them, where you can go out on a romantic boatride, or you know a unromanic boateride I guess. For more info on the photographer of these pictures, check out

So hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…


One thought on “Venetian Hotel, Vegas Style

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