Money Man

Alright so I did a post previously called, “Money is only as good as the Art you make with it” which plays with the same idea as what I am about to show you, ONLY this one is better. So there is this artist called Scott Campbell, who focuses on one type of art, origami, and only makes paper sculptures from one type of paper, money (wouldn’t mind having so much money as to mess around with it). So a lot of his pieces are very creative and unique, he is able to carve away pieces of paper in such a way that makes his style of origami far more detailed from any other I seen before.

So this is only the first post on Scoot Campbell seeming as I have saved so much for the blog, so hope you enjoy and Keep Posted..



2 thoughts on “Money Man

  1. That’s cool! also puts money in perspective. Its just paper. What value is that. The real value is knowledge and understanding of what you can do, and doing it to the fullest. Awesome!

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