Scoot Campbell’s lucky 100

So if you’re looking for spare change, Scoot Campbell an artist famous for his wallet, though not simply from selling art, as to making it, is definitely the man to go to.  So I have talked of this artist before in “Money Man” and as promised have come back in 2012 to showcase more of his artwork in my blog.

So hope you enjoy have a happy new year and Keep Posted …




2 thoughts on “Scoot Campbell’s lucky 100

  1. Oh, it’s coming to the level of almost an obsession 😀
    But I’m a bit suspicious, isn’t he using computerized Laser Cutting machine ?
    Just input a 3D Skull image and the instruction to leave the frame ( of Bank note)
    —– then, while having a cup of coffee, Voila’ = work done 😀
    Technology opened the new field and possibilities though, it’s spoiling a fun.

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