Kill Bill

When it comes down to iconic assassin movies, I struggle to think of any better than the Kill Bill Volumes. Beatrix Kiddo a women who is hell bent on a mission of vengence, creates a hit list killing each member of her former assassin crew one after the other, saving the best for last, Bill. Beatrix who awakens after spending years in a coma, struggles to come to terms with the death of her soon-to-be-husband, and unborn child, awakening an unquenchable taste for blood as she chases after the murders, her former team and their charismatic leader Bill,  to discover that all things aren’t as they appear.

Some say the movies a tad bit to cliche and sterotypical for an assassin movie, and even I can’t argue that the fight scenes may be a little bit unrealistic, but despit all these complaints I find that it adds more than it takes from the movie, giving the otherwise serious movie, a more comic effect.

So hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…


2 thoughts on “Kill Bill

  1. Yah yah, it was not a bit unrealistic but utterly unrealistic. Ha ha ha. Though,
    it was hugely entertaining. —— that is what those films for 😀

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