To start this post I will first have to ask, are you a dog person or a cat person? If your answer is cat please leave my website and don’t even think about coming back (fine, you can stay. But only because I need more viewers) I myself am a dog person, not in a crazed kinda way (causes only people who like cats can be crazy, yes that is the person next to this paragraph), but more importantly so is the photographer Wegman, a dog person also, more specifically, a weimaraner person.

A weimaraner is a large dog, about the size of a tall short person, but not as tall as a short tall person, and is said to be most human like in its characteristics, with some being able to open doors, sit… ON COUCHES, and also on a more rare note have been seen driving cars (alright that last on as made up) So I mention all this because it’s the human like qualities that Wegman sees in these dogs that had initially inspired him to shot them (with his camera, NOT a gun) So with that said you can see for yourself if any of these pictures remind you of anybody you know (your teachers perhaps) and Hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…


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