Thats not my name (oh wait, it is)

So I guess first thing first (that saying really doesn’t make sence,as though first thing can be anything other than first, just saying), Happy/Merry Easter. Now that the niceties are out-of-the-way, back to the art. So last month I was doing work experience in a primary school (all the local cinemas wouldn’t take me) and I was asked to do an art project with the children.

What the teacher wanted is something that has an easter theme to it, but is individual enough, so that each child can look up and show off which one is theirs. So I went around the class, to see what all the kids wanted to do (machine-gun-bunny-rabbits) and completely disregarded them (don’t worry I do not plan on becoming a teacher) and came up with this. They would draw out their name in a style that suits them (graffiti, bubbled) and then they would cut out their name, and place it on a paper with the background of their favorite sweet (as in the easter egg wrapping paper). So I did out a design and they worked from what I showed them.

Unfortunately I did not catch a picture of the finished picture as their was not enough time to finish up most the pictures. So hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…








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