Derek Kinzett

So as I am sure many of us young artist have at some point had the misfortune of dealing with chicken wire, and as you already know, it’s a bitch. It hard to shape it’s painful and just to simplify, it sucks. However, what is a little pain when creating a masterpiece you might say as Derek Kinzett undoubtably thinks.

Derek Kinzett is a contemporary artist famously known for is fantastical wire sculptures. So back in two thousand and four he created life-sized sculptures and opened an exhibition called the “Inner Spirit Collection” (Don’t be fooled by its prestigious name its pretty bad-ass) where he show cases some of his finest works and has been adding to the collection since. If you want more information on Derek Kinzett (and are to lazy to google him) you can find it at


Words inside images! thats orginal…

So recently I have been experimenting with different styles of graffiti, and that has morphed into what you see below. Ever since I did the “Doggy Styles” (you can find it on the blog) picture I have been squeezing words into outlines of simple images. So I hope you enjoy these few examples below (I will also like to point out that the colour is off because I used fluorescent pens and that doesn’t come out will during scanning. Swear it!)

This way up

So did you ever think that everything is going ass ways? It’s weird how different something familiar can look if you simply flip it about a little bit. One of the most important things when art is involved is composition, and “just for kicks” (hate when people say that) I am going to show you a few ordinary thing in an extra ordinary way (basically flipped upside down)


I am not really sure how the hell he managed to get planning permission for this?


That not how its done?

One of the most impressive kinds of art in  my opinion is when somebody take a obeject like egg shells for example and sculpts a chicken out of it (Kyle Bean “What came first the chicken or the egg” Google it) It’s when somebody takes something that is originally used for something mundane and creates something imaginative and artistic out of it, that represents what its meant to do, making the entire piece kind of ironic, like making a cow out of butter.

One great example of an artist who represents this idea is Christian Faur, who takes colouring crayons and makes a mosaic from the colour not by drawing picture from them, but by gluing them facing upright, creating amazing images.


Alcatraz Hotel

So have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a jail cell? No? Just me then? Well if the mood ever took you there is a lovely hotel in Germany, who boost that their hotels services are almost as good as a prison.

Alcatraz in Germany offer a unique experience to any customers daring enough to harbour in its stoney walls, as they have themed the entire hotel to replicate that of an actual prison cell. So if your ever in the neighbourhood and feel the need to spend some time in the dogs house, you can always pop in, were a clean cell will await you, with a nice and cosy roommate pressed against the bars waiting to shank you.



Stairway to Heaven

So I think you will all be glad to know that they have finally created a stairway to heaven, well maybe not all tha way to heaven, or in fact anywhere near the place cause there is on heaven (too far?) So this all started with Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth who i guess where not satisfied with regular ridged staircases and decided to create something that resembles a roller coaster.

So these stairways are located @ Duisburg, Germany and are available for any non-jewish member of the public (too far? really again?) to walk on and well whatever else you can think of doing on a staircase, I guess.


Not all lines are “straight” foward

So a couple of post ago I was lecturing you all on the importance of line, giving a few mild examples of simple images that line alone can conjure up, well today I indeed to shock you with the idea of just how significant a line can be, despite how easy a consept it is to overlook.

So Aakash Nihalani is a Cuban Street artist who specialises in the creation of illusions through the use of line. Armed with simply a roll of tape he wonders street corner (not working them) and creates confusing images on walls, causing heads to turn…

…for more info on Nihanlani you can see more of his artwork on