Titanic now in 3D

Well you know the way that some art pieces just simply don’t need any explanation (that and I don’t feel like writing some long essay for a picture I ripped of a joke) enjoy…





Disney Meet MTV

So pick up any newspaper and you are bound to find an article that advertise the destructive minds of our generation, that nothing is safe from our corruption, in this case not even Disney. We have all heard the tale of how Snow White meets her prince charming but photographer Dina Goldstein, fills us in on the “happy” ever after (just saying; 16 and pregnant)

Dina Goldstein has created a cast of photo shots of classical princess fall from grace in her series “Fallen Princess” as each princess falls pray to an ironic twist of faith, as sleeping beauty is coma-tize during plastic surgery, or how “little riding hood” becomes “not so little” as she snacks on the double cheese burger and chips bursting out of her basket.

For more on the series check out


Harry Potter FAIL #4

I assume that we are all aware of the consept of an urban myth? Well have you every heard of the Kentucky fried mouse? Like any fast food outlets  many rumours surround KFC as to what exactly is in their delicious fried chicken (and most of the answers aren’t all obvious like chicken) and from these whispers the urban legend of the Kentucky fried mouse was born.

One day a man walked into KFC after  long days work, after receiving his order the man swiftly devours his “chicken brest” completely at the mercy of his hunger. It wasn’t until he was on his last mouthful that he noticed that his chicken breast had a tail, and the Kentucky mouse was born.

So after reading this I am sure you can guess what the inspiration behind this strip of Harry Potter FAIL is,so hope you enjoy and don’t panic if you are just after eating KFC, I am almost sure that it isn’t true, probably…


Big Box, “Little Box”

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a science experiment trapped in a small cardboard box sized compartment that will make jail cells (Alcatraz) look like a 5 star hotel? Well I sure know I haven’t, but if thats you cup of tea, look no further than Japan, the proud owner of a compartment hotel, with fancy rooms that resemble microwaves and with so much room that your bearly pressed against your window-and-door-thing.

Looking past the looking glass

One of the coolest things about art, is it ability to alter reality, to a point that you are disillusioned and confused, looking at a picture and not seeing a painting but a puzzle. An effect that Josh Sommers inspires in his pieces.

So we are all familiar with the idea of an illusion, as you look at one thing, and follow either the lines or the colours in the pictures, to a point where they actually look like they are moving on the page (screen) Well thats what Sommers weaves into his artwork, motion.


Snow White and the Iconic “Apple”

With the new movie, “Snow White and the Huntsmen”, there have been many Snow White images floating about the web, and I wish to add my own witty images to the mix. Now I am not really a big fan of Snow White as it promotes drugs to children, with characters called Sleepy, Dopey, Sneezy- who is named so after all the times he coughed after sniffing cocaine (relaxed over protective parents I am joking)

So what I did was take one of the most memorable images from Snow White, in the cartoon, as she is first about to take a bite of the fruit that will eventually coma-tize her, and replaced the apple with a more famous icon.


Rainbows will be jealous of these colo(u)rs

With most artist, art has taken on a whole new agenda, to perhaps highlight certain aspects of life, events that has changed the artist, or even in some cases (BANKSY), art is used with a political agenda. Now before I say what I am about to, I do find that these aspects help create dept in a piece, but it has been a while since I have found an artist, who specialises in simply creating an image that is pleasing to the eye, which is exactly what Pery Burge does.

Pery Burge, has a very unique style of photography, which in my mind is a mash up of photography and marbling. First of he takes ink and drops it out on a paper or on water, whisks it gently and lets nature run it course as the colours collide and contrash with one another. In the mists of all this action (yes I am aware that I am making this sound like some mad tornado and not ink floating in water), Burge stands at the ready to capture the images that these colours create.

Previously I had talked about line being an unrecognised element in every great masterpiece (you don’t sit down and look at the Mona Lisa and go what a spectacular horizon line), but colour is a recognised ingredient and for good reason as warm colours draw in the eye, demanding the main focus, colour in some cases (Piet Mondrian) being the only focus. If you wanna check out more of Pery Burges work (or are just bored) you can find it at this link; http://www.chronoscapes.co.uk/