The REAL Invisible man

So ever see the invisible man? (for that one person who’s answer to that question is yes, just know that I pity you) Well, you may not have seen him, but have you ever heardof an artist called Liu Bolin? He is a chinese artist who’s signature is to paint himself into backgrounds and then… I dunno what he does after he paints himself into backgrounds, maybe jumps out at passer-by’s.

What I can tell you is that if some one was to show you one of his pictures you may not notice him straight away, almost like trying to find Wally (Americans, Waldo is a stupid name, its Wally, deal with it). So I am only show-casing a little of his work cause their is simply to much and if you are interested in seeing more, google it (I am to lazy to set up a link)


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