Don’t “Hang” up

One of the best things about art is that it can be made from practically any material, like toast, cars parts, plates, records, socks (probably), and in David Ma”t”ch case coat hangers and matches.

Anybody can but  pen to paper and call it art (it might not be good but it’s still art), but it takes talent to play with new materials and create a masterpiece, a talent he has mastered. For more info on David Ma”t”ch and to see more of his works including installations, paintings, up-in-coming exhibitions and the general raving of an artist, go to;





3 thoughts on “Don’t “Hang” up

  1. Wire figure must be pretty heavy yet they shouldn’t be bent = nightmare for logistic people isn’t it.
    The matchs’ figures —– can they get certificate for public display ?

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