You got something on your face?

So if I told you that after all those years of getting childish tigers and pale ghost face-paintings splashed across your face, that it was actually possible to recreate a work of unquestionable art in its stead, what you say? I do agree that silly face painting IS  a waste of money, although the idea of face-painting was not wasted on Andy Alcala who took the consept to the next level.

I am  sure if this talent was acquired by a massive insecurity of Andy Alcala as he wished to hide his true face behind beautiful works of art, or if he had a uncontrollable urge to wear make up and cancelled out this odd fetish with this peculiar method of face-painting, there is no denying that the end result is very impressive. Anyways to check out his tumbler page or spy on more of his pictures you find him at this link;


Mr Brainwash

I know what your thinking, Mr Brainwash, sounds like a cheesy late 50’s horror film gone wrong (I don’t really know why late 50’s but it makes me sound like I know what I am talking about) Mr Brainwash who is formally known as Thierry Guetta, LA Film maker and pop artist shocked viewers at his Life is Beautiful exhibition back in 2008 and has been doing so ever since.

Mr Brainwash, who started his art career as a journalist, as he documented street art all over, soon became inspired not only to create the ultimate Street Art documentary, but to pick up a spray can as well and dabble his hand in art.

With many accomplices under his belt, such as designing the cover to madonnas greatest hits CD “Celebration”, Guetta has become a ledgend in the Art world

When I say I have only showed you a fraction of what Mr Brainwash is capable of on this post, trust me there is much more, so check out



Hunger games book, like you never read it before…

I think at this stage, that I need not tell you what the hunger games is about (that, and I am to lazy to type out what it about) I am just sharing a picture of a mockingjay, book carving I have found, so hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…


Bus ride to the Deathly Hallows part 2

Alright for those of you following my blog you may have noticed (unless your illiterate, in which case I am surprised you are READING at all) that I have been using Harry Potter titles in all my latest post in sequence to their release. Why did I do this? Because I felt like it.

Now back to the buses. I am a massive fan of new and creative ideas used by business, such as hotels, transport, coke a cola adds, when trying to sell their product (coke a cola, So whilst on the internet earlier today I found these and figured I should share. So hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…


Christmas has arrived to the Deathly Hallows Part One

Alright so every year christmas only truly arrives, NOT when the decorations are put up, NOT after watching the late late toy show (which in on tonight, so that definitely worth checking out), NOT when you start the Advent Calender, but when the Coke-Cola add is aired.

So I seen it yesterday, and figured Id get my festive-ness on and post up a picture. Enjoy and Keep Posted…


Hunger Games

Hows it going. So last year I read this sequel of books called the Hunger Games (by Suzanne Collins) , as well as having the pleasure of knowing that they would be making a movie out of it. AND the great news is tha the trailer has finally been released, so I would recommend that you check that out.

So to be brief in the first book Katniss Everdeen, is to become a competitor in the blood inducing Hunger Games where she will face 24 other contestant, some of which have been training their whole life for the Games, in an epic battle of wits, deceit and strength. Win the games and you will be famous lose the games and there is certain death. Of course the real question is how far will she go to survive and how many friend must she sacrifice for hers.

Of course there is a lot more going on, don’t want to give too much away. As well I was looking round the net and came across this site called PotterGames, which is a mix of Harry Potter and Hunger Games so if you read the books it is definitely something worth checking out. Hope you enjoy and as always Keep Posted…

Doodle 4 Google

Hello again. So last year I entered this competition called doodle 4 google, and the prize is a grant for the school (YAWN), but what I was interested in was the fact that your doodle would be a feature on the google (haha, yes. yes doodle for google), home page. So I entered and made it to the regional finalist and then lost to a child still in primary school (all I am saying is BRIBE) Alright the kids design was great, I was just being bitter.

So I posted up a few doodles I found on the net and Hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…