Art FINALLY meets Fashion?

If someone where to ask we that i would spend the past hour looking at a clothing website called Allen Solly, I would have laughed, as most of my shopping is done at shady market places, hey don’t call me crusty (that’s the irish term for hippy) it’s just hat i am into, HOWEVER i did find this amazing web site that’s sells clothes. Although it’s not the clothes that strike me as much as the unique style of photography they use to display their merchandise.

So if you see anything u like it can all be brought online @ or if you wanna check out some more cool modeling pictures I am sure they are to be found either on their site or at google images.



Mr Brainwash

I know what your thinking, Mr Brainwash, sounds like a cheesy late 50’s horror film gone wrong (I don’t really know why late 50’s but it makes me sound like I know what I am talking about) Mr Brainwash who is formally known as Thierry Guetta, LA Film maker and pop artist shocked viewers at his Life is Beautiful exhibition back in 2008 and has been doing so ever since.

Mr Brainwash, who started his art career as a journalist, as he documented street art all over, soon became inspired not only to create the ultimate Street Art documentary, but to pick up a spray can as well and dabble his hand in art.

With many accomplices under his belt, such as designing the cover to madonnas greatest hits CD “Celebration”, Guetta has become a ledgend in the Art world

When I say I have only showed you a fraction of what Mr Brainwash is capable of on this post, trust me there is much more, so check out



Shes the Wizard

I am sure that you are all familiar with the movie “She’s the Man” (if not go, NOW, and buy it) Well I decided to draw a small poster and a mash-up between “Shes the Man” and “Harry Potter”, where Ginny joins the mens Quidditch team and meets the handsome seeker Harry who is under the impression that shes a MAN.


Evolve Airbrush

So a few months ago I was shopping about tesco (for you americans its kinda like mal-wart but the quality of products IS EVEN WORSE), looking for cheap alcohol, and in the shopping centre I came across an art exhibition, headlining polish and irish art (I think the polish rugby team was playing us that week). So not yet drunk I decided to go in and give the place a look, most of the art there was standard, like paintings of boats and stuff, which don’t get me wrong were painted fantastically, but doesn’t really spark much of an interest for me.

What I did find however was airbrushed paintings created by the “evolve airbrush studio” there is not much I can tell you about these guys asides from the obvious, like their method of painting is to airbrush their paper using stencils and spray caned colours, that help create a space like scenery. I am not sure if these guys are just starting up but their was not much of their work to be found on the internet, they so however have a Facebook page, so unless you where live during World War 1 (the “Great” War, how a war can be characterised as great is beyond me, but I will save that for another time”, or use eircom (nobody outside of Ireland is going to appreciate that joke but I am going to put it in their always) you can find them at this link, (Don’t forget to like, or not I don’t really care)

Don’t be afraid of the Dark, the Orginal

God gave light and now so shall I, or at least Simon Berger’s will bring it. By now if you don’t know what light graffiti is there is nothing I can do to help you then forward you to a specialist in informing the youth… no not a teacher, Wikipedia;


Some Picturs are so good that they draw themselves

A few weeks back I did a post on the artist Josh Sommers, “Looking past the looking-glass”, where I showcased his work, one of the pieces I displayed was of two hands drawing each other, gaving me an idea for a drawing, leading to this masterpiece (alright maybe not a master piece, really just a bachelor piece… okay a piece) if u have any ideas or whatever on how it turned out feel free to share (unless your trolling in which case go bother somebody who deserves it, like Fred from The Ol’YouTube)

Hogwarts Intruder Song! (Bed Intruder Parody)

Dont normally reBlog, but this is so hilarious it was impossible to resist. all
I can say in enjoy…

Harry Potter Fandom

Everyone bow down and praise ‘Rachel Baumann’ for this hilarious parody of schmoyoho’s Bed Intruder Song.

If you would like to see some more fantastic memes click on this link:

Here you will find all the best Harry Potter memes of all time.

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