Shes the Wizard

I am sure that you are all familiar with the movie “She’s the Man” (if not go, NOW, and buy it) Well I decided to draw a small poster and a mash-up between “Shes the Man” and “Harry Potter”, where Ginny joins the mens Quidditch team and meets the handsome seeker Harry who is under the impression that shes a MAN.



Harry Potter FAIL #4

I assume that we are all aware of the consept of an urban myth? Well have you every heard of the Kentucky fried mouse? Like any fast food outlets  many rumours surround KFC as to what exactly is in their delicious fried chicken (and most of the answers aren’t all obvious like chicken) and from these whispers the urban legend of the Kentucky fried mouse was born.

One day a man walked into KFC after  long days work, after receiving his order the man swiftly devours his “chicken brest” completely at the mercy of his hunger. It wasn’t until he was on his last mouthful that he noticed that his chicken breast had a tail, and the Kentucky mouse was born.

So after reading this I am sure you can guess what the inspiration behind this strip of Harry Potter FAIL is,so hope you enjoy and don’t panic if you are just after eating KFC, I am almost sure that it isn’t true, probably…


Harry Vs Voldemort the bitch-duel, Harry Potter Fails

Well for those of you unlucky enough not to have heard off the Harry Potter Fails series, you are in for a treat, I have now opened up a separate page where I will post all my Harry Potter comics for you all to stare at in awe. So with that good news, I will also double the joy, and unleash my third comic. So Hope you enjoy nd Keep Posted (by owl)…


Harry Potter FAIL

As I want to become an animator, one of the key things that I will have to get used to is Story Boarding. Story Boarding is basically a comic, but without the words. So I decided to do a comic, and what is better than a Harry Potter Comic (don’t say marvel). So here it is, it’s a bit bad, and I need to work on making my characters less tense, but I am sure you will enjoy it, and don’t forget to Keep Posted…

Assassins Creed Graphics

So I must admit that I am not a massive gamer (still stuck with the ol PS2) but with that in mind I do love the video games graphic and find that through gaming graphics some of the most creative pictures can be drawn. So seems as this is  post about games a friend of mine Colson, is a game developer and I help him with the 2D graphics (still not great at the Blender) so if you wanna check out his games (Google) Peripheral Games, and it should pop up.

So back to Assassin Creed, the storyline is the only thing that could perhaps beat its graphics, which is so inventive that there is actually a series of books based on it and its something I would definitely recommend you read or play if you haven’t already.

So hope you enjoy and as always Keep Posted…




So most Mondays, I tend to talk about artist, but today I decided to talk of Marvel. Now I have to admit that despite the fact that I love the graphic style that is used in comic and have come up with a few comics myself, I never really fell in love with Marvel, with that being said, Marvel are by far the biggest and most successful, comic publisher EVER, and are responsible for countless amazing movies (although they are pushing it making another Spiderman movie, just saying)

So I put together a collection of pieces I found on the net, and hope you enjoy it…

Brian Dettmer

So as I had displayed in previous posts, there are many kinds of art forms, and one of the most unusual artists I had found that completely exploits this is Brin Dettmer. So what he does is takes a collection of books, or pages from books and creates, well a masterpiece, is the only word I can think of to describe it. Honestly he makes reading a book seem boring.

So as always hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…