The Stop Motion Jazz

Right so I mentioned my project last time for my stop motion piece ‘The Everyday Situationist’ and I taught that I would show you a simple way for making your own stop motion. Keep in mind this was just a prototype and will be easy to replicate if you wanna try it.

Basically it involves a camera and slowly moving a piece in front of a camera .And its in these pictures that make a frame, which when placed together can make a short video piece. Depending on how realistic you want the video to be you can add more frames a second, which takes more time and will power to only change the object in the frame as slightly as possible between frames. For how I made my actual video you need a live feed from a DLSR camera and a program for stop motion (if you use dragon frame theirs a months free trial and it’s pretty decent) and from then on it pretty simple, until you get to the joys of editing the video piece together (with movie maker, or premiere)

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Wash your hands, you got paint all over them

So long time, no post… what internet bloggers have lives too (not good lives but, lives) Well to make up for my absence I come to you with the work of one of my favorite artist Guido Daniele.

So when you where a kid and used to get face paintings done, the idea is kinda the same with Danieles work, but instead of painting faces he paints hands, creating animals, and recreating famous landmarks using only hands (you could say he is very handy… your right to cheesy) for more his art you can visit;


Snow White and the Iconic “Apple”

With the new movie, “Snow White and the Huntsmen”, there have been many Snow White images floating about the web, and I wish to add my own witty images to the mix. Now I am not really a big fan of Snow White as it promotes drugs to children, with characters called Sleepy, Dopey, Sneezy- who is named so after all the times he coughed after sniffing cocaine (relaxed over protective parents I am joking)

So what I did was take one of the most memorable images from Snow White, in the cartoon, as she is first about to take a bite of the fruit that will eventually coma-tize her, and replaced the apple with a more famous icon.


Zombified Leprechaun (yes I know that its a lame title)

Just like that not all irish people are ginger and drunk (alright maybe the drunk parts true), we are not all crazy about leprechaun’s. However a friend of mine David Colson designs games (check out peripheral games) and asked me to design a zombified leprechaun for him So I started of by designing a regular leprechaun (not they they exist to be regular, or in fact zombified), and seems as te game is now released I figured there is no harm on posting the concept art on my blog. So hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…