You got something on your face?

So if I told you that after all those years of getting childish tigers and pale ghost face-paintings splashed across your face, that it was actually possible to recreate a work of unquestionable art in its stead, what you say? I do agree that silly face painting IS  a waste of money, although the idea of face-painting was not wasted on Andy Alcala who took the consept to the next level.

I am  sure if this talent was acquired by a massive insecurity of Andy Alcala as he wished to hide his true face behind beautiful works of art, or if he had a uncontrollable urge to wear make up and cancelled out this odd fetish with this peculiar method of face-painting, there is no denying that the end result is very impressive. Anyways to check out his tumbler page or spy on more of his pictures you find him at this link;


They could make a horror movie outta this birthday cake

Ever eat a Scott Hove cake? No. Theirs a reason you haven’t, cause they a creepy as that Chucky puppet. So what Hove wishes to embody in his work is the relationship between the beautiful and the brutal, a concept that is definitely portrayed in his artwork. So way back in 2005 he began on the Cakeland proect, where he would get some kind of carving faom, and then decorate it with frosting, to create something that even the witch that lived in the ginger-bread house in Hansel and Gretel, would shiver to look at.

So Hove specialises in plenty other contemporary and tradition art forms, from painting, to light graffiti and even painting, so if you wanna check him out just head down to his official website;

So I hope this post didn’t freak you out too much (thats a lie I hope it did freak you out otherwise why would I post it) and that you enjoyed (…being freaked out) and Keep Posted…


Would you like some suger with that work of art?

Right so we all like to play with our food, especially us artists, from MaM pictures to Jelly Cities we just don’t seem to eat at all but make art with our food. So for that reason I am sure none of you will be surprised that we have now found a way to turn a cup of coffee or tea into a masterpiece. Don’t ask me how it done (google it!), but there is no denying that the finished image is pretty impressive.

So hope you enjoy your tea knowing it will never look as cool as these and Keep Posted…


Watermelons, more than just a fruit

Personally I have never eat in a watermelon, mainly cause we only grow potatoes here in Ireland, and mostly because they are very large and I would look ridiculous carrying one home from the local Tescos. With that said, I have heard that they make carvings out of watermelons, by somebody who read my pumpkin carving post, and I found these sculpture amazing so thanks for the heads up. So hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…



Quit playing with your food!

Like most people (everyone) I do enjoy eating food, but thats not what this post is about, this post is for those individuals who enjoy playing with their food (no I am not talking about Tom and Jerry). There are many different ways to create art, and one of the more popular methods (asides from paper and pen) is through graffiti or in this case food. So hope you enjoy and Keep Posted ( by the by, if this post makes you as hungry as it made me, which is VERY, “like” it)…




The Order of the Phoenix, treading on eggshells

Alright so I don’t know about you but personally I like my Eggs Hard Boiled, call me crazy I just can’t stand sunny side up, the name alone is nauseating (I don’t care if that your favorite, I am joking, I REALLY don’t care how you like your eggs) same way you don’t care how I like my eggs. BUT what you will like, I promise are these pictures I dug from the Internet, so enjoy Keep Posted and enjoy your eggs…