Big Box, “Little Box”

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a science experiment trapped in a small cardboard box sized compartment that will make jail cells (Alcatraz) look like a 5 star hotel? Well I sure know I haven’t, but if thats you cup of tea, look no further than Japan, the proud owner of a compartment hotel, with fancy rooms that resemble microwaves and with so much room that your bearly pressed against your window-and-door-thing.


Alcatraz Hotel

So have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a jail cell? No? Just me then? Well if the mood ever took you there is a lovely hotel in Germany, who boost that their hotels services are almost as good as a prison.

Alcatraz in Germany offer a unique experience to any customers daring enough to harbour in its stoney walls, as they have themed the entire hotel to replicate that of an actual prison cell. So if your ever in the neighbourhood and feel the need to spend some time in the dogs house, you can always pop in, were a clean cell will await you, with a nice and cosy roommate pressed against the bars waiting to shank you.



Well this place stinks

Where you ever setting at home, on a lazy summer evening and thinking to yourself, “I wonder what it will be like to live in a sewage pipe ?”, well then Das Park Hotel in Austria is the place for you. Filled with fun in the sun, and the stagnant smell of sewage in your room/ pipe, you will find yourself jumping with joy (though thats not recommended as you will bang your head on the concrete “ceiling”)

So hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…

Venetian Hotel, Vegas Style

Alright so when we think of Vegas, we think of one of two things, either city of dreams, or a cheap corporate tacky copy of all things cheap and tacky. Well I look at it and see a city of endless creativity and imagination, exhibit A, The Venetian Hotel, basically this hotel consist of the most fanciest of rooms, an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, a casino (obviously Vegas) and my personal favorite thing about the hotel, flooded hallways, for a romantic boat ride around the Hotel.

So to keep  the place Venetian inside the hotel itself and partly outside they have created pools, and placed boats on them, where you can go out on a romantic boatride, or you know a unromanic boateride I guess. For more info on the photographer of these pictures, check out

So hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…

Mud Hotel

Alright so last week I had shown you a underwater  hotel, the week before that I had shown an ice hotel, well now I bring you this, a mud hotel, more specifically, Desert Resort Mandawa. And you guessed they do give mud messages. Alright so what I love about these unique hotels, is their crazy marketing methods as they attempt to set themselves apart from the other hotels. So this place say’s that it is a cultural thing the idea of little mud huts, and I must admit that despite the fact that the buildings are covered in mud, it seems real clean inside, as well as really luxurious, as there are pool surrounding the little huts, definitely some place I would add to my list of places to say (which wold be great unless it rains)

So hope you enjoy and as always Keep Posted…



So last week I started posting about unusual hotels, (ice hotel) and as a sort of continuance to this I have decided to do a piece on AN UNDERWATER HOTEL. Seriously how the hell did they get planning permission to do that? Anyways, it’s called, you guessed it Poseidon, and it is you guessed it, underwater, were you can watch as fished swim about on the ea bed, as you fall asleep (which is in no way weird) It also has its own swimming pool (I like to call it the ocean) ROWLING.

So here are a few pictures and hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…