You got something on your face?

So if I told you that after all those years of getting childish tigers and pale ghost face-paintings splashed across your face, that it was actually possible to recreate a work of unquestionable art in its stead, what you say? I do agree that silly face painting IS  a waste of money, although the idea of face-painting was not wasted on Andy Alcala who took the consept to the next level.

I am  sure if this talent was acquired by a massive insecurity of Andy Alcala as he wished to hide his true face behind beautiful works of art, or if he had a uncontrollable urge to wear make up and cancelled out this odd fetish with this peculiar method of face-painting, there is no denying that the end result is very impressive. Anyways to check out his tumbler page or spy on more of his pictures you find him at this link;


Car Art

So I am not one of those tool heads, who spends their days obsessing over cars (Not that I don’t love Top Gear), with that said some of the stuff airbrushed onto cars, are amazing. So I searched the net, and came across a collection of impressive car body art.

So hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…

Toast Art

So I have to admit that I was one of those kids, who had played with my food, but these guys to it to a whole new level. So I was watching Britain’s got talent and one of the contested came out and drew Michael McIntyre’s (comedian) face out of toast and Marmite (love it or HATE it).So I started looking round and these are a few SLICES (yes I know what a terrible pun) I found.

As always hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…

Sand Sculptures

Hello, so three years ago I was on a holiday to Spain and I came across these sand sculptures, and at the time I thought they were amazing. Seriously the details in them were amazing. So of course I tried one out, and all I got was this massive hole in the sand and nothing that I must admit is even remotely artistic, I tried again recently and my attempt was slightly better, BUT no camera. And then it rained, so thanks weather great help.

So I google image the hell out of it and found so many things, too much to put in the one post, so if you like it I will be doing a sequel of sorts with the sand sculptures. So hope you like and Keep Posted… (Look out for the Hogwarts Express if you missed it in september, I know Harry Potter is in every Post, get over it)


Fan Tattoo’s

Hello again, so today I am going to talk about fan tattooing. So thousands if not hundreds of people have a tattoo of mickey mouse or donald duck on their ass (if you have this I DON NOT want a picture of it sent to me). Now I am not saying that it is a bad idea (but seriously how drunk were you?) I am only messing jk (ROWLING). Naw the reason I brought this up is that I seen someone whilst I was wondering around tesco, with a lighting scar tattoo (Harry Potter, if you don’t get the reference you really need to be slapped), and I thought What the Hell, I want that.

So I surfed for a bit and went on the web and I hope you enjoy what I found, AND don’t forget to Keep Posted…


Good evening. Soo every child has grown up watching Disney movies. Not that I still watch them (alright Tangled was amazing) so I thought it’ll be cool to do a short post about it. So you know that, Mickey Mouse, a true talking mouse of ever there was one (sorry Tom), was but the beginning to the world of animation that we know of today.

I have to say that watching Disney movies and programs through the years is a great example of how the world of animation had shaped itself, into the phenomena it is today.Hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…