Best Animate shows for Adults

Alright I tend to avoid list, so please note that these are not in any sort of order! Basically the only reason I am doing this is cause unlike most fools I do have a grand love for all things animated(from anime, to kids shows), and I don’t feel like enough people understand that it’s not just for kids. As well as that I am trying to find a new show similar to these and all that ever comes up is family guy or the Simpsons! So if you know of any feel free to let us know.



Alright I know it’s an obvious one but bear with me, not nearly enough people I know have watched it. Basically it’s a show about what not to do if you’re a spy, you know simple things like don’t date co-worker, don’t come into work drunk and don’t piss of a cyborg… you know the basics!

All of the Avatar Series


So this is a kids show but like everything I am mentioning it does not deserved to be overlooked. Both shows follow the journey of the Avatar, a person who in each generation has the power to control all four of the elements. Honestly despite the fact that it is indeed a kids show  I would have to say that this show deals with more emotional growth and doubt (such as Zukos Journey) than any of the best dramas on tv. seriously if your kids can tell this you should be old enough to cope on to it as well.

Rick and Morty


So moving away from kids shows Rick and Morty is exactly what it says on the tin, its a show about a mastermind-scientist-alcholic-grandad and a not-so-bright Morty. Honestly it just about adventure’s they go on, which isn’t as lame as I am making it out to sound, it honestly pretty decent.

Fairy Tail


I don’t care how old you are this show is ridiculously good. It takes place in a land with magic where a troublesome and excentric guild exist by the name of fairy tail. Its one of the funniest shows I have ever seen, with characters that I wont even try to explain with words… seriously just watch it

FullMetal Alchemist

banner_528This show it not for the faint of heart, within the first few episode you watch as two young boys attempt to defy the laws of alchemy to bring back their mother from the dead, one losing an arm and the other his body. And I promise you it doesn’t get much happier after that. Its set in a world where the laws of alchemy exist, as you balance out what you take by giving an equal portion back to the world. It filled with “major” and more often than not, tragic plot twist as the two boys attempt to return to their original bodies, while getting caught in the middle of an all out civil war.


All I can say is that if you have a dry, and I mean like Sahara dessert dry sense of humour, this is the show for you


Death Note

death-note-death-note-666036_576_460Another dark anime here about your normal honour student who happened to get his hands on a Death note, allowing him the power to kill at will, a power he embraces. All he needs is a name and a face and you can be dead as he see’s fit. Corrupted by this power he attempts to cleanse the world by killing all villains and thugs, while a mysterious man who goes under the alias “L” follows in hot pursuit. Out of everything I ever watched I have to say the ending for the first season of this was one of the most well written that I have come across, although I am not gonna lie its best to stop their, the only good thing about season two is the weird opening credits.

Ugly Americans

5147071719_3272626a40I know I said that I wasnt doing a list but I did save the best for last. Ugly Americans takes place in New York, in the department of integration, where zombies, demons and vampires go to get citizenship. Its full of reference that I can promise you’re not to old or young to not get and it just brilliant from the concept to the zombie roommate to the demon boss. Their only 20 minutes long and only two season, I promise it wont take up that much of your like!


Extreme Fan Art

It is obvious that I am a huge fan of well, fan art, from creating the absurd, cheesy and lame “Harry Potter Fails” series, to the countless doodles, from Simpson characters to hypno-taod. Well one of my favorite fan artist is Nina Matsumoto, who plays with designs already made and gives them her own little twist, enjoy…


Rainbows will be jealous of these colo(u)rs

With most artist, art has taken on a whole new agenda, to perhaps highlight certain aspects of life, events that has changed the artist, or even in some cases (BANKSY), art is used with a political agenda. Now before I say what I am about to, I do find that these aspects help create dept in a piece, but it has been a while since I have found an artist, who specialises in simply creating an image that is pleasing to the eye, which is exactly what Pery Burge does.

Pery Burge, has a very unique style of photography, which in my mind is a mash up of photography and marbling. First of he takes ink and drops it out on a paper or on water, whisks it gently and lets nature run it course as the colours collide and contrash with one another. In the mists of all this action (yes I am aware that I am making this sound like some mad tornado and not ink floating in water), Burge stands at the ready to capture the images that these colours create.

Previously I had talked about line being an unrecognised element in every great masterpiece (you don’t sit down and look at the Mona Lisa and go what a spectacular horizon line), but colour is a recognised ingredient and for good reason as warm colours draw in the eye, demanding the main focus, colour in some cases (Piet Mondrian) being the only focus. If you wanna check out more of Pery Burges work (or are just bored) you can find it at this link;