Pictures NOW IN 3D

So what the deal with the big 3D craze? yeah I don’t get it either, much alike everyone else who reads this blog with the exception of a blind “viewer” or two, I see things in 3D, like everyday, sometime if I walk into these 3D object it even feel like they are solid. So now we have accomplice the fact that seeing things in 3D is no real big feet, is it really worth wasting on extra euro (or dollar/pound) to watch a movie? And while we are asking that, why is the idea of a picture being in 3D that much impressive to your standard 2D pictures?

I will tell you why 3D is so big, because of artist like; Nagai Hideyuki. So what Nagai Hideyuki does that makes him so remarkable, is creates small imaginative figures, that’s drawn is such a realistic and skillful manner that’s makes them appear in 3D, when viewed from that right angle, very similar to that chalk artists Julian Beever, So if you like and wanna check out more of Hideyuki’s art, you can find it at;


The REAL Invisible man

So ever see the invisible man? (for that one person who’s answer to that question is yes, just know that I pity you) Well, you may not have seen him, but have you ever heardof an artist called Liu Bolin? He is a chinese artist who’s signature is to paint himself into backgrounds and then… I dunno what he does after he paints himself into backgrounds, maybe jumps out at passer-by’s.

What I can tell you is that if some one was to show you one of his pictures you may not notice him straight away, almost like trying to find Wally (Americans, Waldo is a stupid name, its Wally, deal with it). So I am only show-casing a little of his work cause their is simply to much and if you are interested in seeing more, google it (I am to lazy to set up a link)

This way up

So did you ever think that everything is going ass ways? It’s weird how different something familiar can look if you simply flip it about a little bit. One of the most important things when art is involved is composition, and “just for kicks” (hate when people say that) I am going to show you a few ordinary thing in an extra ordinary way (basically flipped upside down)


I am not really sure how the hell he managed to get planning permission for this?


I Walk (Draw) The “Line”

One of the basic elements of art is line, a consept that often times is overlooked, as it shadowed by more demanding elements such as colour and composition. With that said line is one of the most important aspects to any picture, as it dictated what you focus on whilst looking at a picture, helping you form a first impression on the drawing.

So what tape art is, is art made outta tape (surprise) and its a good example of just how significant line is, as it tears away the other components. So hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…


George Vlosich, Etch n’Sketch

So any serious artist, starts at a young age. Maybe it starts with making pictures outta spaghetti and throwing it on the wall, or simply drawing your name in the sand; But I am not here to talk about the primitive habits of young artist, but about the brilliancy the George Vlosich, can achieve with a simple childs toy.

We have all heard, and seen the famous drawing toy, the Etch n’ Scratch and have all drawn some of our earliest masterpieces on the toy, but Vlosich completely blow the toy wide open, creating picture in such dumb-founding quality out of the simple toy. So hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…


Harry Potter FAIL #2

Hello again. So this is a follow-up to a previous post I did, “Harry Potter FAIL” (emphasis on the FAIL). Fair warning if these jokes make sence to you, you are a nerd (sorry, you had to face it sooner or later. So hope you enjoy and Keep Posted…