Don’t be afraid of the Dark, the Orginal

God gave light and now so shall I, or at least Simon Berger’s will bring it. By now if you don’t know what light graffiti is there is nothing I can do to help you then forward you to a specialist in informing the youth… no not a teacher, Wikipedia;



Some Picturs are so good that they draw themselves

A few weeks back I did a post on the artist Josh Sommers, “Looking past the looking-glass”, where I showcased his work, one of the pieces I displayed was of two hands drawing each other, gaving me an idea for a drawing, leading to this masterpiece (alright maybe not a master piece, really just a bachelor piece… okay a piece) if u have any ideas or whatever on how it turned out feel free to share (unless your trolling in which case go bother somebody who deserves it, like Fred from The Ol’YouTube)

Hogwarts Intruder Song! (Bed Intruder Parody)

Dont normally reBlog, but this is so hilarious it was impossible to resist. all
I can say in enjoy…

Harry Potter Fandom

Everyone bow down and praise ‘Rachel Baumann’ for this hilarious parody of schmoyoho’s Bed Intruder Song.

If you would like to see some more fantastic memes click on this link:

Here you will find all the best Harry Potter memes of all time.

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Shinichi Maruyama, Matrix Style Photography

One of the biggest trends in photography recently is slow motion photography, where photographer like Shinichi Maruyama would take a picture of a certain type of action or movement, as its occurring, like a bullet barreling through a piece of fruit or in Shinichi Maruyama case, water, and the movements it momentum makes as it swirls above him

Wash your hands, you got paint all over them

So long time, no post… what internet bloggers have lives too (not good lives but, lives) Well to make up for my absence I come to you with the work of one of my favorite artist Guido Daniele.

So when you where a kid and used to get face paintings done, the idea is kinda the same with Danieles work, but instead of painting faces he paints hands, creating animals, and recreating famous landmarks using only hands (you could say he is very handy… your right to cheesy) for more his art you can visit;


Green Graffiti

Alright so we are all familiar with what graffiti is by now, I have seen political graffiti, artistic graffiti, tag’s, reverse graffiti and now Green Graffiti. As graffiti is becoming the most common form of street art in the world, as every wall cannot help but be cover by it in every major city in the world, it’s no wonder that people are inspired to get more creative with their style of graffiti, as they trade in spray cans for shears, and invent o whole new kinda masterpiece.


Don’t “Hang” up

One of the best things about art is that it can be made from practically any material, like toast, cars parts, plates, records, socks (probably), and in David Ma”t”ch case coat hangers and matches.

Anybody can but  pen to paper and call it art (it might not be good but it’s still art), but it takes talent to play with new materials and create a masterpiece, a talent he has mastered. For more info on David Ma”t”ch and to see more of his works including installations, paintings, up-in-coming exhibitions and the general raving of an artist, go to;